About Parolise Chiropractic in Los Banos, CA

Dr. Parolise has been in business for almost 30 years treating spinal and sports injuries, as well as general chiropractic treatments. He is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest and best methods. He is attending classes in 2017 to work towards a specialist certification for shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle treatments.

We added over 7 hours to our schedule for your convenience and offer same-day appointments.

Our Reviews

This man is AMAZING! He has helped my husband and myself deal with everything from allergies to infertility to pregnancy related pains to sciatic nerve pain. He is personable, professional, and has a great sense of humor. His skills as a chiropractor are second to none. I have recommended countless people to him and all have had tremendous success with relieving whatever issues they brought to him. If you are sceptical about chiropractors, allow Dr. Parolise to ease your worries and pains.

- Janine

He is excellent and is a very good doctor who will always make you feel better when you leave. He provides real adjustments, not that new age feel good nonsense.

- Paul Scheet in Chowchilla CA

Thank you, Dr. Parolise! When other professionals couldn’t help, Dr. Parolise dramatically improved my health. I feel vibrant and have strength in my body once again! Again, many thanks to Dr. Parolise!

- A Yahoo Local User

I have been going to Dr. Parolise for about 11 years now. I couldn’t find a better chiropractor for my back and neck. I truly believe if it wasn’t for Dr. Parolise I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore. He takes his time to listen to his patients and doesn’t rush you. He and his staff are so very friendly and makes you feel like an important person and not just a number like it is at some other doctor offices. I guess that is why he has been voted the People’s choice 5 years in a row. His staff is always willing to help and are very friendly.

- Michelle N. in Los Banos, CA

If you’re in pain with your back, neck, shoulders, legs or suffer from bad headaches and you want relief quick then go to Dr. Parolise in Los Banos. You cannot find a better chiropractor. His staff is friendly and helpful and his office is relaxing and comfortable.

- thelady54

Dr. Parolise is the best, always smiling & friendly, his staff is courteous & the results are amazing. He’s been providing me with immediate relief from my occasional lower back pulls for the last 12 years, I would go in like Jed Clampett & come out like Jethro Bodeen. Thank you, Doctor P.

- KennyO

I only have one thing to say, and that is he saved my life! I was suffering from vertigo and it was controlling my entire life. I was having a horrible time at work, and couldn’t go anywhere unattended for fear of falling, or not being able to drive home. I had been to the doctor repeatedly for a whole year and was so tired of being drugged all the time, but within minutes of the first treatment with Dr. P, I was amazingly better! I occasionally need readjustments, but other than that, I am me again! Thanks, Dr. Parolise.

- Heather.C

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